Caliper Set, Front Disc Brake, 4-Piston, 1965-70 Rambler, AMC - - Requires Your Cores For Rebuilding (1-2 month turnaround)



P/N:  801-2200
  • Replace your leaking or damaged brake calipers & restore safe braking performance
  • Set includes front driver and passenger side disc brake 4-piston calipers
  • Remanufacturing Process:  Every Remanufactured Disc Brake Caliper undergoes the following vigorous remanufacturing process:

    • Complete Disassembly
    • Baked in Burn-Off Oven For 8 hours @700 degrees
    • Blasted with 110 steel shot
    • Dipped in rust-inhibitor solution
    • Painted with Stainless Steel Paint
  • Building Process:  Every remanufactured disc brake caliper undergoes the following building process:

    • Completely chase all threads
    • Seat new OEM specified bleeder screw
    • Install new OEM specified piston seal
    • Install OEM specified piston with heavy body silicone grease
    • Install new OEM specified piston boots
    • Replace all rubber components with new
    • Equipped with new crush washers/seats
    • Visual inspection and leak pressure tested
    • Lined with VCI paper and boxed with a barcode
  • NOTE:  This is for return and rebuild service only.  You are responsible for shipping your core to us and the shipping back to you.  Once your core is received, we will ship your calipers to you.  There is a refundable core charge of $550.00 (in the price of $999.97).  Your core MUST be rebuildable...if not, we can't refund the core charge.  Does not include mounting brackets, installation hardware, or brake pads.  We recommend flushing & bleeding your brakes after installation.
AMC, American Motors, Rambler
Models Years
Ambassador 1965-1970
American/Rambler 1967-1969
AMX 1968-1970
Hornet 1970
Javelin 1968-1970
Marlin 1965-1970
Rebel 1967-1970