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I need to make changes to my order. How do I do this?

Why have I received only part of my order?

Will I be charged sales tax?

Will I need to pay duties and taxes on my International order?

Can I order over the phone?

How fast will my order be processed?

I placed an order but why haven't I received an order confirmation?

I ordered on Thursday and now it's Monday. Where is my order?

I called and sent emails for an order status update. Why haven't I heard back from you?

Your website says it won't ship to my state, why?

I received my order. It has a packing slip but no invoice. Why?

My order requires I send you my core. How and where do I send it?

Can I pick-up my order at your warehouse?

The product I ordered does not match the picture on your website. Why?

Can I cancel my order and how do I do that?


How do I become an authorized dealer?


I don't have the time or I am not mechanical. Who can install my components?

Restoration & Rebuilding Services

Do you offer restoration or rebuilding services?


What is your return policy?


What is your shipping policy

How much does shipping cost?

I ordered a small part. Why couldn't you just send it in an envelope instead of in a box?

I am missing hardware or small parts I ordered. What do I do?

Why is the box I received much larger than it needs to be?

I haven't received shipment tracking for my order, why?

I placed a large order. How long will it take to ship?

You are asking me for additional shipping charges after I placed my order. Why?

What products have to be shipped by truck freight and how does that work?

Used Parts

Do you sell used parts?

Where can I find good used parts?


What is the warranty of my product?

I ordered a remanufactured product and it has failed. Is it covered under warranty?