We offer professional rebuilding, restoration, & refinishing of your original factory AMC / Eagle / Rambler components.  Often, this is the ONLY option as new versions may not be available or reproduced. 

Original Core Note:  Most services require your original core and are done on exchange only.  We might be able to locate a good used core if you don't have one available or if yours is not salvageable, for an additional charge at current market pricing.  

Service Turnaround:  Service turnaround times will vary and are subject to seasonal variation, existing commitments, component availability, and a variety of other factors.  Currently, there are extended lead times due to limited raw material availability.

Shipping Instructions:  We will provide you with detailed instructions on shipping your core(s).  You are responsible for original and return shipping charges (which are not refundable).  Please clean your original cores of grease, dirt, and oil.  Wrap them completely in bubble wrap and ship them in heavy-duty boxes (200 lb. test minimum) and insure them for full replacement value.  Most UPS stores or your local packing/mail service stores can handle this for you.  

Warranty:  Each service is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials & workmanship. Call or email us for details (see our contact page)  

  • Brake boosters - Restoration & rebuild
  • Brake calipers - Restoration & rebuild with T-304 stainless sleeves & T-304 stainless pistons
  • Brake master cylinders - Restoration & rebuild with T-304 stainless sleeves
  • Brake shoes - Relining with semi-metallic or ceramic shoes
  • Chrome bumpers - Restoration & repair (limited lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking or dulling).  
  • Dash pads & crash pads, consoles, & molded door panels - Restoration & repair to better than new
  • Evaporator Core - Restoration & rebuild for non-available evaporator cores
  • Fuel pumps - Restoration & rebuild for modern fuels
  • Fuel tank sending units - Restoration for non-available sending units
  • Gauges & gauge clusters - Restoration & upgrades
  • Grille - Restoration
  • Heater core - Restoration & rebuild for non-available heater cores
  • Plastic re-chroming - Restoration
  • Plastic interior components - Restoration
  • Power steering pumps - Restoration & rebuild
  • Power steering & manual gearboxes - Restoration & rebuild
  • Quick ratio power steering Saginaw gearbox - Restoration & rebuild with conversion
  • Radiators - Restoration with high efficiency / high flow conversion options
  • Radios - Restoration & upgrades available with hands-free Bluetooth, USB/SD media card, satellite radio, HD radio, AUX input options
  • Seat belts - Restoration
  • Steering wheels - Restoration
  • Steering columns - Restoration & rebuild
  • Stainless steel trim - Restoration
  • Trunnions - Rebuild
  • Water pumps - Restoration, rebuild & high flow conversions for non-available water pumps
  • Wiper motors (electric & vacuum) - Restoration & rebuild
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P/N:  801-0215 - Please see NOTE below before orderi...
American Performance can convert your power gearbox...
Add a new steering coupler
Add synthetic power steering fluid
Add a power steering pump (return & rebuild yours)
Add a new power steering high pressure hose
Add a new power steering return hose
Add a new forged pitman arm
Add a new forged idler arm
Add new forged outer tie rods
Add new forged inner tie rods
Add new tie rod adjusting sleeves

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