Oil Pump Rebuild Kit, 1966-91 AMC, Jeep V-8



P/N:  51089
    • Replace your worn, failing, or non-functioning oil pump components
    • Restores proper oil pump pressure and function
    • Oil pump kit comes with hand lapped gears, polished plunger, new pressure spring, 
    • Kit includes:  (1) hand lapped gears, (1) polished plunger, (1) pressure spring, (1) die-cut gasket
    • Country of Origin:  USA
    • Manufacturer Warranty:  Limited lifetime
    • Shipping Weight:  2 lbs
    • Shipping Dimensions: 7"x5"x1" inches
    • NOTE: Highly recommended whenever removing or replacing your timing cover.
    AMC, American Motors, Rambler
    Models Years
    AMC V-8, All