Engine Oil Filter, High Performance, K&N Wrench Off Design with Anti-Drain Back Valve & Bypass Valve, 1967-91 AMC, Jeep V-8



P/N HP2003

Unlike other domestic V8's, AMC V8's lubricate the rear of the engine first.  This requires high oil pressure to survive and operate properly.  That said, it' CRITICAL your AMC V-8 engine is protected! 

While off the shelf engine oil filters work well, the K&N Gold wrench off series protects down to 10 microns.  Even better, this oil filter makes it easy to remove as you can use an open-end wrench already in your toolbox.  It includes a bypass and an anti-drain back valve to ensure your engine is protected too.

  • K&N wrench-off oil filter protects down to 10 microns and wrenches off design allows for easy removal using a 1" open-end wrench
  • Integrated bypass valve
  • Integrated anti-drain back valve
  • Power coated high strength steel housing
  • Fits:  All 1967-91 AMC and Jeep w/AMC V-8 (290, 304, 343, 360, 390, or 401)
  • Weight:  1 lbs.
  • Dimensions:  7x5x3 inches
  • Country of Origin:  Made in the USA