Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit, Breakerless, 1-Wire, 1957-74 AMC V-8 (See Applications) - Drop ships in approx. 1-3 weeks



P/N AMC-38131

This unique patented design breakerless ignition kit will convert AMC V-8 engines originally equipped with breaker points and windowed style distributor caps to solid-state electronic ignition.  By utilizing a fully integrated trigger and power module, the entire ignition fits completely inside the distributor.  Unlike competitive systems though, no additional wires protrude from the distributor, only the original points wire.  The result is a state of the art ignition with an absolutely stock appearance.

  • For all AMC/Jeep 290, 304, 343, 360, 390, and 401 V-8 engines w/AMC windowed type distributor cap
  • Single wire operation to preserve the stock appearance and simplify wiring.
  • Active dwell control maintenance high rpm spark energy while reducing coil beating at idle.
  • Auto-standby prevents coil damage or dead battery if the ignition is accidentally left on.
  • Hall effect rotoary-vane sensor design compensates for worn bearings and distributor end play.  The magnetic sensor is unaffected by oil, dirt, or other contaminants, unlike optical systems.
  • Over-voltage/over-current protection against damage from high amp battery chargers, reversed battery, or improper wiring.
  • Constructed with premium quality components.  Sealed, high-temp thermoplastic housing provides exceptional resistance against moisture and vibration.
  • No distributor modification, disassembly, or removal is required.
  • Country Of Origin:  USA
  • Manufacturer Warranty:  3-year limited
  • Sold:  Each, mounting hardware, detailed instructions, and installation tool included
  • Weight: 3 lb.
  • Box Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 2 inches
AMC, American Motors, Rambler
Models Years
Ambassador w/V-8 1966-1974
American w/V-8 1966-1969
AMX 1968-1970
Concord w/V-8 1978-1983
Eagle w/V-8 1980-1988
Gremlin w/V-8 1970-1978
Hornet w/V-8 1970-1977
Javelin w/V-8 1968-1974
Jeep w/V-8 1966-1991
Matador w/V-8 1971-1978
Pacer w/V-8 1975-1980
Rebel w/V-8 1967-1970
Spirit w/V-8 1979-1983