Brake Drums, Rear 9" (230.124 MM), Set of 2, 1959-72 AMC, Rambler with 9"x2" Rear Brakes (See Applications)



P/N:  801-2501
  • Replace your worn out or cracked rear brake drums to restore safe braking performance
  • Patterned after originals with a non-directional finish.  No core charge required
  • For 9"x2" rear drum brakes (230.124 MM) 
  • Set includes a pair of rear right and left brake drums
  • Shipping Weight:  30 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions:  14x14x5 (2 boxes)
  • NOTE:  Does not include installation hardware, brake shoes, or wheel studs.  We recommend installing new brake shoes as well as flushing & bleeding your brake fluid when installing new brake drums.
AMC, American Motors, Rambler
Models Years
Ambassador w/9x2" Rear Brakes 1967-1968
American/Rambler w/9x2" Rear Brakes 1959-1968
AMX w/9x2" Rear Brakes 1968-1970
Classic w/9x2" Rear Brakes 1961-1966
Gremlin w/9x2" Rear Brakes 1970-1972
Hornet w/9x2" Rear Brakes 1970-1972
Javelin w/9x2" Rear Brakes 1968-1972
Marlin w/9x2" Rear Brakes 1967
Rebel w/9x2" Rear Brakes 1961-1968
Rogue w/9x2" Rear Brakes 1966
Super Six w/9x2" Rear Brakes