Technical Service Manual, Factory Authorized Reproduction, 1982-83 AMC, Eagle



P/N AMC-1075
  • Factory authorized reproduction, printed to order, please allow approximately 5-7 business days for printing plus shipping.
  • Approx 1373 pages
  • Covers body, chassis, engine, drivetrain & electrical
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Weight:  8 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions:  11"x8.5"x3"
  • Country of Origin:  USA

This manual covers body, chassis, mechanical and electrical. It has sections on suspension, driveline/axle, brakes, engine, transmission, body, accessories, etc. This book includes wiring diagrams. Published by the factory, to provide information on diagnosis, service procedures, adjustments and specifications, there is none better. It is loaded with diagrams and illustrations to show you how to disassemble, repair and reassemble the various components and frequently gives troubleshooting information.