1970-1983 AMC Prothane Spring Eye & Shackle Bushing Kit


Vendor: Prothane


  • P/N 1-1008-BL - Black
  • Improves handling, the effectiveness of OEM leaf springs, & reduces "spongy ride"
  • Impervious to gas and oil
  • Will not rot or deteriorate
  • Will only fit 2.5" wide springs
  • W/ 2.0" OD front spring eye
  • Available in black
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Kit box dimensions:  18 x 8 x 3 inches
AMC, American Motors, Rambler
Models Years
AMX 1970
AMX 1978
Concord 1978-1983
Gremlin 1970-1978
Hornet 1970-1977
Javelin 1970-1974
Javelin AMX 1971-1974
Spirit 1979-1983


Kit includes: 

  • (4) of Super Grease - 19-1750-001
  • (2) of Metal Sleeve for 61148 - 60831 (3/4 X .083 X 3.120 Inches)
  • (4) of 61148 - Front Spring Eye Bushing
  • (4) of 61150 - Rear Spring Eye Bushing
  • (4) of 61151 - Shackle Frame Bushing

Why Urethane?
Production vehicles are built using rubber bushings in control arms, strut arms, leaf springs, body mounts, motor mounts, transmission mounts, sway bars and shocks. Additionally, rubber components can be found as coil spring pads, leaf spring pads and suspension bump stops. While rubber components offer a soft side, for typical driving conditions, they tend to deteriorate rapidly from exposure to the elements. This contributes to premature component failure, resulting in a “spongy” ride and loss of performance handling. Urethane is impervious to gas and oil and will not rot and is stronger than rubber.

Improved Handling and Performance
Due to the firmness of our specially formulated urethane, vehicle owners that have upgraded to PROTHANE Total Kits and Components have experienced better handling, cornering and a firmer suspension feel. PROTHANE a “must” upgrade for High-Performance vehicles where improved performance and durability are desired.

Installation Made Easy
PROTHANE products are made to exact specifications and are direct replacements for original rubber bushings and components. No special tools are required, standard tools and equipment replace factory units.

PROTHANE™ has a complete shell program for most popular applications. Many of our control arm bushing kits come complete with new shells. However, in some applications, the original metal shells will need to be reused.

Special Lubrication
PROTHANE Super Grease™ eliminates squeaking that may occur if not applied. Super Grease™ contains versatile waterproof, non-melting Teflon® specially formulated for urethane to seal out water and lubricate under the most adverse conditions. It provides superior adhering and extreme pressure qualities for optimum no- squeak performance. All kits come complete with instructions and an ample supply of PROTHANE Super Grease™



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