Master Cylinder, Power Front Disc Brake, New, 1967-76 AMC - Lifetime Limited Warranty



P/N:  801-1383
  • Replace your leaking or damaged master cylinder & restore safe braking performance.  Signs of a worn master cylinder include:  
    • Spongy or mushy braking
    • Brake fluid leaks
    • Slower stop-times
    • Lower than normal brake fluid levels or needing to replace brake fluid more frequently
    • Brakes locking simultaneously
    • Contaminated brake fluid (due to leaking seals)
  • 100% brand new with NO core charge required
  • Pressure tested for leak-free performance prior to shipping
  • EPDM seals and O-rings meet O.E. quality standards to ensure reliable, leak-free performance
  • Bores are micro-finished to precise specs to reduce wear and promote long service life
  • Anodized coating protects the finish from corrosion & pitting
  • Shipping Dimensions:  12 x 8 x 7 inches
  • Manufacturer Warranty:  Limited Lifetime
  • NOTE:  Does not include brake booster.  We recommend flushing & bleeding your brakes after installation.  Some vehicles had brake light ports underneath (please view photographs).  This master cylinder does NOT include a brake light port underneath.
AMC, American Motors, Rambler
Models Years
Ambassador w/Disc Brakes 1968-1970
American w/Disc Brakes 1968
AMX w/Disc Brakes 1968-1970
Gremlin w/Disc Brakes 1970
Gremlin w/Power Disc Brakes 1971-1974
Gremlin V-8 w/Power Disc Brakes 1972
Gremlin w/Master Cylinder Ports Facing Engine and w/Power Disc Brakes 1975-1976
Hornet w/Disc Brakes 1970
Hornet w/Power Disc Brakes 1971-1974
Hornet V-8 w/Power Disc Brakes 1972
Hornet w/Master Cylinder Ports Facing Engine and w/Power Disc Brakes 1975-1976
Javelin w/Disc Brakes 1968-1970
Javelin w/Power Disc Brakes  1971-1974
Pacer w/Power Disc Brakes  1975
Pacer w/Power Disc Brakes 1976
Rambler w/Disc Brakes 1969
Rebel w/Disc Brakes 1967-1970