1968-1971 AMC Javelin/AMX V-8 Aluminum 3-Row Radiator


type: Cooling


  • P/N:  AL000444ANDZ - Automatic w/Transmission Oil Cooler
  • P/N:  AL000444SNDZ - Manual Transmission
AMC, American Motors, Rambler
Models Years
AMX 1968-1970
Javelin V-8 1968-1971
Javelin AMX V-8 1971

Our Desert Cooler Aluminum cores are constructed with 2 row 1” tubes on 3/8" centers.  These are all aluminum cores without any epoxies or glues.  The offer comparable heat transfer to any 2 row aluminum radiator in the market and are also available with our Tripleflow™ style.

Radiators have one main function and that is to drop coolant temperature, inlet to outlet, before returning the coolant to the engine.  The better the radiators ability to drop temperatures the more efficient the core and air-flow characteristics.  It's that simple.  Wind tunnel tests of actual radiators (not cut down versions that everyone else uses for their tests and comparisons) have proven the Tripleflow™ design to drop coolant temperatures an additional 15-20% over any other comparably sized radiator.  By re-routing the coolant through the core three times the coolant travels farther in the temperature reducing air-flow and the additional time spent dropping temperature results in amazing heat transfer rates.  So much so, that now our competitors are saying things like "too much temperature drop is not good".  We say, "tell it to the guy with the blown big block in his hot rod."  Our philosophy is, it's easier to adjust operating temperatures up by way of variable air-flow and thermostats than to try and cool with inadequate heat transfer.  Not everyone has the need for the Tripleflow™ design, but it's nice to know it's available when you do.

NOTE:  An auxiliary transmission cooler is required for all AT applications and the inlet/outlet must be on opposite sides of the radiator.

  • Original appearance and mounting
  • Application specific, NOT a universal fit
  • 2 rows of 1" tubes
  • Die stamped components to eliminate weld related failures, while providing uniform high standard quality.
  • Petcock included
  • Polished available
  • Desert cooler triple flow core
  • 100% TIG welded seams, brazed core, & no epoxy or sealers
  • Made in the USA


  • Notes: Brackets To Engine Side
  • Material: Copper/Brass
  • Core Style: Desert Cooler Triple Flow
  • Core Size:  16 x 24-1/2
  • Core Thickness:  2"
  • Available Rows: 3
  • Cooler Size:  6x1/8 NPT
  • Flow Type: Downflow
  • Inlet Size: 1-1/2"
  • Outlet Size: 1-1/2"
  • Box Dimensions:  32" x 7" x 27"
  • Weight:  16 lbs.

      Installation Notes:  Approximate installation time is 3-4 hours (experienced mechanic times listed, yours may take longer).  Professional installation recommended. 



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