1968-1970 AMC AMX 4-Piece Window Felt Complete Car Kit



P/N 250-581A
  • Replace your shrunk, cracked, chipped or worn out original
  • Total car kit inside & out includes clips
  • Pre-cut for a precise fit
  • Box dimensions:  48x5x5
  • Weight:  8 lbs.
  • Country of Origin:  Made in the USA
  • Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Manufacturer
  • Important Fitment Note:  There is NO exact reproduction window felts for factory 1968-1970 AMX models.  The currently available window felts are functionally correct but have a different design.  

NOTE:  Window felt is also known as window scraper, window weather strip, belt line window sweep.

Your window felts are under a constant battle against the elements.  Heat, dirt, and rain will cause them to shrink, crack and chip over time.  This leaves your valuable, internal door components exposed and prone to premature failure. It can also cause the window to become loose in its shoes.  Over time, a neglected window felt will cause the bottom of your door to completely rust out.

AMC, American Motors, Rambler
Models Years
AMX 1968-1970