Hose, Lower Radiator, 1967-78 AMC V-8



P/N:  3851
  • Patterned after originals radiator hose
  • Meets SAE 20R4 and 20R3 Type EC Class D-1 and D-2 specifications
  • Temperature Range:  -40 F to 275 F (-40 C to 135 C)
  • Position: Lower
  • Engine:  V-8
  • Inside Diameter:  1 1/2"
  • Molded:  Yes
  • Spring In Lower Hose:  No, not needed (see note below)
  • Country Of Origin:  USA
  • Weight:  2lbs
  • Box Dimensions:  13 x 9 x 3 inches
  • Sold:  Each
  • NOTE: Does NOT include clamps or original AM script or P/N.

Important Note Regarding Coil Springs No Longer Used In Lower Hoses:  Original equipment molded radiator hoses often were equipped with a coil inside them. Some refer to this coil as a spring, but it isn't really a spring. Actually, it is just a piece of thin metal rod that has been twisted, it was designed to facilitate the installation of coolant on the assembly line, and nothing more.

When the cooling system of a car is completely drained, or in the case of a brand new car under construction, never had coolant in it, there is a considerable amount of air in the passageways. Normally, when filling up the cooling system, you start the car to circulate the coolant, displace trapped air, and then top it off.

On the factory assembly line, this wasn't feasible, so the air in the cooling system was evacuated by essentially pulling a vacuum on it. This also had the added advantage of speeding up the introduction of the coolant mixture to the cooling system as well. The coil in the lower radiator hose prevented the hose from collapsing under this higher than normal vacuum.  Once the car left the factory, the coil served no further purpose.  To add,  modern molded hoses are manufactured from thicker, reinforced rubber.  This is why replacement hoses usually do not have a coil in them. 

AMC, American Motors, Rambler
Models Years
Ambassador 1967-1974
American 1967-1969
AMX 1968-1970
Gremlin 1972-1976
Hornet 1970-1977
Javelin 1968-1974
Javelin AMX 1971-1974
Marlin 1967
Matador 1971-1973
Pacer 1975-1980
Rebel 1967-1970