Parts & Accessories Interchange Catalog, F-14066, Factory Authorized Reproduction, 1966 AMC - Drop ships in approximately 1-2 weeks



P/N AMC-9570
  • Factory authorized reproduction, printed to order, please allow approximately 5-7 business days for printing plus shipping.
  • Approx 1,029 pages
  • Covers body, chassis, engine, drivetrain & electrical
  • Loose leaf and covers all AMC / Rambler models
  • Weight:  7 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions:  11"x8.5"x2"
  • Country of Origin:  USA

This is the Parts List Catalog created by the factory for their service parts department. It includes body and chassis, text and illustration for each part on the shelf during the years indicated. The text section gives you the part number, common name and application. The illustration section gives you labeled blown up exploded views of the parts, showing what they look like and how they fit together with their adjacent parts. It is therefore also helpful as a sub-assembly manual.