Oil Pan, Engine, 5-Quart, Replacement, Master Kit, 1966-91 AMC V8



P/N:  APP6322K

American Performance offers this convenient kit to ensure your AMC engine is protected!  Unlike other domestic V8's, AMC V8's lubricate the rear of the engine first.  This requires high oil pressure to survive and operate properly.  That said, it' CRITICAL your AMC V-8 engine is protected! 

Oil Pan:  Dented from off-road abuse or subjected to the elements on the road, the oil pan takes a beating under the front of your AMC or Jeep. The American Performance replacement oil pan for the 1966-91 AMC V8 engine will assure your engine gets the proper lubrication it needs by channeling the oil to the pump so it can recirculate to the top of the engine. In the case of some dents, you could starve the engine of the oil it needs, because the oil cannot reach the pump. 

Engine Oil:  Vintage engines require high levels of Zinc to prevent premature or excessive cam lobe and internal engine wear.  While many disagree on the proper amount, we've consulted with a top petroleum engineer who helped establish the standards by which modern engine oils are tested.   He told us you need at least 800 PPM (parts per million) of Zinc and 1,200 PPM of Zinc is ideal. Adding separate Zinc additives to your oil usually won't bond at the molecular level providing the necessary protection.  The ideal oil is Shell Rotella T 15W40!  Yes, it's designed for diesel engines but remember, heavy-duty diesel trucks can weigh 80,000 pounds and are designed to go 1,000,000 miles before rebuilding.  Their oil has specific additive packs that will ALWAYS provide absolutely the best engine protection.  Plus, includes extra detergents help fight engine sludge!

Oil Filter:  While off the shelf engine oil filters work well, the K&N Gold wrench off series protects down to 10 microns.  Even better, this oil filter makes it easy to remove as you can use an open-end wrench already in your toolbox.  

Drain Plug:  This stainless steel engine drain plug contains a super-strong magnet...far stronger than other designs.  And it includes a high-quality washer to prevent leaks.  Add it all up, and our kit can not only prolong your engine but might literally save it!  And what's your engine worth to you?  We feel an ounce of prevention is better than a cure!

Oil Pan Gaskets:  Our high-quality gaskets are made specifically for your AMC V-8 engine oil pan.  They will provide the proper sealing your oil pan needs for engine protection and longevity

  • Steel replacement oil pan
  • Stock depth with 5-quart oil capacity
  • Uses stock oil pump and stock oil pump pickup
  • Corrosion-resistant black finish
  • Dipstick location is on driver's side, fits factory dipsticks
  • Kit includes:
    • 5-quart replacement engine oil pan
    • 5 quarts of Shell Rotella T 15W40 oil
    • K&N wrench off oil filter
    • Stainless steel magnetic engine oil drain plug, side-mounted.  
    • 4-piece engine oil pan gasket set
  • Fits ALL 1966-91 AMC & Jeep V8 engines
  • Country of Origin:  Made in the USA (oil pan made in Australia)
  • Manufacturer Warranty:  Limited Lifetime
  • Shipping Dimensions:  24" x 20" x 12"
  • Shipping Weight:  32 lbs.
AMC, American Motors, Rambler
Models Years
Ambassador w/AMC V-8 1967-1974
American w/AMC V-8 1966-1969
AMX w/AMC V-8 1968-1970
Concord w/AMC V-8 1978-1983
Eagle w/AMC V-8 1980-1988
Gremlin w/AMC V-8 1970-1978
Hornet w/AMC V-8 1970-1977
Javelin w/AMC V-8 1968-1974
Javelin AMX w/AMC V-8 1971-1974
Jeep w/AMC V-8 1966-1991
Marlin w/AMC V-8 1966-1967
Matador w/AMC V-8 1971-1978
Pacer w/AMC V-8 1975-1980
Rebel w/AMC V-8 1967-1970
Spirit w/AMC V-8 1979-1983