Factory classic car body tolerances can vary considerably from car to car:   Our fiberglass body components are patterned after factory original body panels and precision manufactured using modern manufacturing techniques and superior quality American made materials.  However, they may require more fitting and adjusting on your car than another car of the same year and model and here's why.  In the 60's and 70's, cars were manufactured with the assembly-line speed in mind without modern quality control procedures and techniques. Factory original classic car body tolerances were 3/16" or greater due to manufacturing and assembly technique variations, mold and jig construction methods, materials and components manufactured by multiple suppliers, and components available on the day your car was manufactured.  As a result, the body tolerances of classic cars can vary considerably from car to car, even among cars built on the same assembly line on the same day.  

Check body panel fitment BEFORE modifying, priming, painting, and installation:  Due to factory body tolerance variation found in classic cars, your body panels may require curing in the sun, fitting, modifying, cutting and trimming, shimming, sanding, leveling, and adding material where needed.  If adding material is necessary, we highly recommend using USC Duraglas 24035 fiberglass filled filler and 3M Automix 8115 panel bonding adhesive.  When installing hoods, you may need to adjust your hood hinges and adjust your fenders to be level.  In some cases, your hood hinge pivots may be worn out (one or both sides of your hood may not be level).  The solution is to drill out the factory rivets in your hood hinges, install new hardware, and readjust your hood.  You may also need to adjust your rubber hood bumper height too.

Installation Recommendations: Purchase a technical service manual for your car as it has important information needed for disassembly / reassembly. If you are not mechanical with the necessary tools and professional experience, DO NOT attempt installation. Seek out an experienced classic car restoration specialty shop who knows and works on cars built during the 60's and 70's. These types of shops are passionate hobbyists/enthusiasts who know the nuances common with classic cars. They know and understand classic cars are labors of love requiring special knowledge, skills, patience, and attention to detail.  Here are some excellent articles from Hemmings that will help you with your awesome AMC or Rambler project:  How to pick the right shop,  Smart ways to pick a restoration shop, and 66 Restoration Tips.

Shipping Notice: Large body components (fenders, hoods, quarter panels, some spoilers, bumpers, and packages) are shipped truck freight only. They will require custom, built to order heavy-duty boxing with special foam protected inserts and insurance. A delivery signature will be required and once shipped, the shipping address cannot be changed. In the unfortunate event, your body panels and/or component(s) arrive damaged, all claims for damages MUST be made upon delivery or within 7 days.