Brake Booster, Power Front Disc, Return & Rebuild Service Only, 1975-76 AMC Matador



P/N:  801-0139 -  See NOTE below before ordering
  • Replace your leaking or non-functioning brake booster & restore safe braking performance.  
    • All units receive 100% O.E. quality seals, diaphragms and check valves
    • Master cylinder output rods are pre-adjusted for easier and faster installation (requires the customer to send their output rods with their booster) 
    • Rust-prohibitive finishing process extends unit life
    • All units are manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications
    • All units are 100% tested to ensure reliable performance
    • Diaphram Style:  Dual
    • Diaphram Diameter:  8.79"
    • Master Cylinder Stud Thread Size:  3/8 x 16
    • Shipping Dimensions:  16 x 16 x 16 inches
    • Shipping Weight:  12 lbs.
    • Manufacturer Warranty:  Limited Lifetime
    • Core Note: This service requires your brake booster for complete rebuilding service.  This is because new cores are not being manufactured for AMC/Rambler cars AND there can be multiple booster fitment variations for the same model. 
    • Non-Rebuildable Core or Customer Does Not Have Core Note:  We will inspect your core and if it is rebuildable, we will proceed with our service.  If additional parts/repairs are required, we will notify you.  If your core is NOT rebuildable OR if you do not have a core, we will need to charge an additional core charge fee (non-refundable and subject to availability). 
    • Turnaround Note:  Please allow approximately 2-weeks for rebuilding (once we receive your booster) plus return shipping to you.  Please allow additional time if your core is not rebuildable or if you do not have a core. 
    • Not Included:  This service does not include mounting brackets, mounting hardware, brake master cylinder output rod, brake master cylinder, brake vacuum hose, hose clamps, or brake fluid.  Please remove your brackets prior to shipping.
    • Recommendations:  We recommend flushing & bleeding your brakes after installation. 
    • Shipping Preparation Instructions: 
    • Please send your original booster with your check valve and rod installed.   Please remove and keep your original mounting brackets and associated nuts and washers...we do not recondition those items.  
    • Wrap your booster in bubble wrap, place it in a heavy-duty box.
    • Include a note where you want your booster sent back to
    • Ship your booster to this address, fully insured for replacement value, adding $500 for the brake booster core.  We recommend using your local UPS Store for packaging and shipping.  

      Attention:  Brake Booster Service
      American Performance Products, Co.
      675 Industry Rd. South
      Cocoa, FL 32926

      Once we receive your brake booster, we will inspect it and if rebuildable, we'll let you know.
    AMC, American Motors, Rambler
    Models Years
    Matador w/Power Front Disc Brakes 1975-1976