Funnel, No Mess, All AMC, Rambler, Jeep



P/N 86086

  • Patented design prevents overspills
  • One-handed operation is calibrated for six 1-ounce increments 
  • Ideal for filling all dipsticks

The No Mess Funnel solves the messy, age-old dilemma of a full reservoir and half-full funnel. The patented ball-n-hook design shuts off fluid flow when the funnel is lifted, preventing overspills and allowing the excess to be returned to the original container. The patented shut-off mechanism also permits one-hand operation -- simply lift the funnel to stop the flow. For precise fluid dispensing, the funnel is calibrated in six 1-ounce increments. The No-Mess Funnel is designed to fit tight spots, such as near-firewall filler tubes. Other frequent uses are for power-steering, transmission, & clutch reservoirs.