Brake Booster, Power Drum Brakes, Return & Rebuild Service Only, 1965-70 AMC Ambassador, 1965-69 American, 1968-70 AMX, 1970-74 Gremlin/Hornet, 1968-74 Javelin, 1965-66 Marlin, 1967-69 Rebel



P/N:  801-2791 - See NOTE below before ordering
  • Replace your leaking or non-functioning brake booster & restore safe braking performance.  
    • All units receive 100% O.E. quality seals, diaphragms and check valves
    • Master cylinder output rods are pre-adjusted (when included) for easier and faster installation
    • New mounting nuts and washers are included for hassle-free-installation
    • Rust-prohibitive finishing process extends unit life
    • All units are manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications
    • All units are 100% tested to ensure reliable performance
    • Diaphram Style:  Single
    • Diaphram Diameter:  8.88"
    • Master Cylinder Stud Thread Size:  5/16 x 18
    • Shipping Dimensions:  16 x 16 x 16 inches
    • Shipping Weight:  12 lbs.
    • Manufacturer Warranty:  Limited Lifetime
    • Core Note: This service requires your brake booster for complete rebuilding service.  This is because new cores are not being manufactured for AMC/Rambler cars AND there can be multiple booster fitment variations for the same model. 
    • Non-Rebuildable Core or Customer Does Not Have Core Note:  We will inspect your core and if it is rebuildable, we will proceed with our service.  If additional parts/repairs are required, we will notify you.  If your core is NOT rebuildable OR if you do not have a core, we will need to charge an additional core charge fee (non-refundable and subject to availability). 
    • Turnaround Note:  Please allow approximately 2-weeks for rebuilding (once we receive your booster) plus return shipping to you.  Please allow additional time if your core is not rebuildable or if you do not have a core. 
    • Not Included:  This service does not include mounting brackets, brake master cylinder output rod, brake master cylinder, brake vacuum hose, hose clamps, or brake fluid. 
    • Recommendations:  We recommend flushing & bleeding your brakes after installation. 
    • Shipping Preparation Instructions:  After your order is placed, we will e-mail how and where to ship your brake booster.  
    AMC, American Motors, Rambler
    Models Years
    Ambassador w/Power Drum Brakes 1965-1970
    American w/Power Drum Brakes  1965-1969
    AMX w/Power Drum Brakes 1968-1970
    Classic w/Power Drum Brakes 1965-1966
    Gremlin w/Power Drum Brakes 1970-1974
    Hornet w/Power Drum Brakes 1970-1974
    Javelin w/Power Drum Brakes 1968-1974
    Marlin w/Power Drum Brakes 1965-1966
    Rebel w/Power Drum Brakes 1967-1969