1976-1995 AMC Jeep CJ Right Weatherstripping Door Seals



  • P/N: 200-M995
  • Exact replacement right weatherstripping door seals
  • Premium quality with precision fitment
  • Fits:  1976 AMC Jeep CJ, 1977 AMC Jeep CJ, 1978 AMC Jeep CJ, 1979 AMC Jeep CJ, 1980 AMC Jeep CJ, 1981 AMC Jeep CJ, 1982 AMC Jeep CJ, 1983 AMC Jeep CJ, 1984 AMC Jeep 1985 AMC Jeep CJ, 1986 AMC Jeep CJ, 1987 AMC Jeep CJ, 1988 AMC Jeep CJ, 1989 AMC Jeep CJ, 1990 AMC Jeep CJ, 1991 AMC Jeep CJ, 1992 AMC Jeep CJ, 1993 AMC Jeep CJ, 1994 AMC Jeep CJ, 1995 AMC Jeep CJ
  • Sold:   Each, install with 3M weatherstrip adhesive, triple product life with Krytox weatherstrip lubricant



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