Power Steering Pump, Return & Rebuild Service, 1972-88 AMC V-8 - Lifetime Limited Warranty



P/N: 6254-SD - Standard Detailing
P/N: 6254-ED - Extreme Detailing
  • Replace your leaking or damaged power steering pump & restore safe steering performance.  
    • The pump is inspected for external damage and physical function
    • Then it's disassembled and inspected for internal damage and wear
    • Shafts are reconditioned and polished or replaced
    • Housings are honed
    • Parts are solvent cleaned and prepared for reassembly
    • The unit is reassembled with new OEM (original equipment manufacturer) seals, bearings and other parts as needed
    • All settings and adjustments are set to factory specifications
    • Functional testing is performed
    • Standard Detailing - Includes priming & painting the pump in a low gloss black paint.
    • Optional “Extreme Detailing" - Takes the reservoir (and pulley & brackets if attached) down to bare metal. Cosmetic dents in the reservoir are hammered out to the greatest extent possible. Primer is applied to the pump assembly then the unit is sprayed with low gloss black high temperature, chemical resistant finish coat.
    • Shipping Dimensions:  15 x 8 x 7 inches
    • Manufacturer Warranty:  Limited Lifetime
    • NOTE:  Return with your pump, reservoir, pulley, & bracket (as shown).  We recommend installing new power steering pump high pressure and return hoses.
    AMC, American Motors, Rambler
    Models Years
    Ambassador 1972-1974
    Concord 1978-1983
    Eagle 1980-1988
    Gremlin 1972-1978
    Hornet 1972-1978
    Javelin 1972-1974
    Matador 1972-1978
    Pacer 1975-1980
    Spirit 1979-1983