1970-1991 AMC V8 Edelbrock Torker II Aluminum Intake Manifold (2 Finishes)


Vendor: Edelbrock


Edelbrock's Torker II intake manifolds feature a single-plane, low-rise design that can give you top-end horsepower without affecting the mid-range. What Edelbrock did was increase the plenum volume and alter the short-side radius of the runners, to give the air/fuel charge a straight shot at the intake valves. That straight shot produces a potent power build from 2,500 to 6,500 rpm.

Installation Notes:
  • Port exit dimensions: 1.04'' x 2.10''
  • Recommended intake gasket: Fel-Pro MS96011 or Edelbrock 7213
  • Manifold Height: 4.910"
  • Bracket 8034 required for 1979 and later vehicles.
  • Will not accept stock Motorcraft spread bore carburetor. Not recommended for 290 or 304 V8s. Will not work with '69 and earlier cylinder heads.
  • Installation Instructions

  • Specifications:

    RPM Range:  3,500-7,500
    Emission:  Without EGR
    Usage:  Hi-Performance/Racing
    Cylinder Head Type:  AMC 304, 360, 390, 401
    EGR:  Without EGR
    Basic Operating RPM Range:  3,500-7,500
    Engine Block Style:  Stock/OEM standard deck
    Intake Material:  Aluminum
    Intake Section Included:  Complete
    Intake Style:  Single plane
    Quantity:  Sold individually
    Country Of Origin:  Made In The USA
    Warranty:  1-Year
    AMC 304, 360, 390, 401



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