Fuel Pump, Electric Wipers, 6-Cylinder, 1965-70 AMC, Rambler - Rebuild and return service only



P/N:  319-3899

Our mechanical fuel pumps are precision remanufactured with heavy-duty diaphragms, high-speed "anti-float" springs, large "full flow" valves, heat-treated lever, corrosion-resistant components
  • Replace your leaking, cracked or non-functioning fuel pump
  • Restore proper fuel system performance
  • Compatible with modern ethanol-blended fuels
  • 100% factory tested, approved, & designed to fit your factory AMC or Rambler 6-cylinder w/electric wipers
  • Includes gasket
  • Manufacturer Warranty:  1-Year Limited
  • Shipping Weight:  7 lbs.
  • Dimensions:  7x7x12
  • NOTE:  Return and rebuild service only.  Due to multiple variations available, we must rebuild your pump.  The process is currently taking approximately 4-5 weeks plus shipping.  We will email you instructions for shipping after your order is placed.
AMC, American Motors, Rambler
Models Years
AMC w/6-Cylinder & Electric Wipers 1965-1970
Rambler w/6-Cylinder & Electric Wipers 1965-1970