1964-1983 AMC Trans Am Race Engineering Superlite 15"x8" Aluminum Wheel



The Trans Am Race Engineering Superlite wheels will provide the correct look for your late 1960’s to 1970’s Trans-Am Racing era AMC. The Superlite has been known to bring the best quality to the track and that is exactly what it does. Available in 15x8" and 17x8" sizes...light enough for racing, strong enough for street use.

All Wheels are Gravity cast, out of A365.2 grade aluminum. The wheels are then taken through an aging process of 60 hours. Once aged to T4 they get taken to heat treatment and treated to T6 specifications. Machining and drilling are done, powder coating next. Then our signature diamond finished edge is machined onto the outside, then clear powder coated.

  • Correct vintage Trans Am racing styling
  • 1-piece gravity cast aluminum, virgin 365.2 aluminum ingots, heat treated to a T6 factor
  • Machined, drilled, and powder coated with signature diamond finished edge


  • Weight:  19.8 lbs.
  • Bolt Pattern:  5x4.50" bolt pattern
  • Back Space:  4-1/2"
  • Offset:  0
  • Load Rating:  1,873 lbs.
  • Includes:   Center caps & center cap hardware
  • Balancing Required:  Lug centric (where balancing adapter goes through the lug holes)
  • Wheel Weights Recommended:  Adhesive style, on the inside of the rim (not included)
  • Warranty:  1-year manufacturer
  • Tires Recommended:  225x60x15 with 25.67" overall diameter
  • Cleaning Recommended:  Soap and water
  • NOTES:  For rear fitment only on some applications.  Not returnable once mounted.  Applications that came with 6" wide factory wheels may require longer wheel studs (not included)
  • Wheel Backspace Measuring Instructions:  
  • Fits:  
AMC, American Motors, Rambler
Models Years
American/Hurst SC Rambler/Scrambler 1964-1969
AMX 1968-1970
Concord 1978-1983
Gremlin 1970-1978
Hornet 1970-1977
Javelin 1968-1974
Javelin AMX 1971-1974
Matador 1971-1978
Pacer 1975-1979
Rebel/Rebel Machine 1967-1970
Spirit 1979-1983



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