1968-1978 AMC 12.7:1 Fast Ratio Steering Gearbox Conversions



  • Stock appearing, exciting and fun to drive FAST 12.7:1 ratio
  • Immediately improve your AMC's handling & steering feedback
  • Professional USA in-house conversion
  • The best North America components
    • Standard detailing - Included at no charge (primed & painted in "cast" replication or black paint)
    • Extreme detailing - Optional show quality detailing. Housing is stripped to bare metal, primed and painted in automotive "cast" replication paint. External aluminum and steel components are glass bead blasted and clear coated. Date coded is confirmed for the vehicle or re-stamped to match
  • Quality inspected & tested prior to shipping
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Return the unit to the customer
  • Customer can supply another core
  • Supply the customer with a rebuildable core or core component for an additional charge. 
    AMC, American Motors, Rambler
    Models Years
    AMX 1968-1970
    Ambassador 1969-1974
    Gremlin 1971-1978
    Javelin 1968-1974
    Javelin AMX 1971-1974
    Matador 1971-1978
    Pacer 1975-1979
    Rebel 1967-1970

    American Performance can convert your power gearbox from the slow factory ratio to the 12.7:1 quick ratio installed on the “SS” Monte Carlo, Trans Am, and Firebirds of the ’80′s. You will notice a dramatic improvement in response, road feel, and driving pleasure WITHOUT losing valuable turning radius.

    How It Works:

    • The steering unit is cleaned and inspected for external damage and physical function.
    • Then it is disassembled, all components are detergent washed and inspected. 
    • Shafts are reconditioned and polished or replaced.
    • Housings are honed or sleeved as required.
    • All parts are solvent cleaned as a last step prior to assembly. 
    • The unit is reassembled with new OEM (original equipment manufacturer) seals, Teflon rings, O-rings, bearings and other parts as needed.
    • All settings and adjustments are set to factory specifications.
    • Final testing is performed for function, pressure and leaks.
    • Standard detailing includes priming & painting the final assembled unit.
    • “Extreme” detailing (optional) takes the unit down to bare metal and each external component is finished prior to assembly. Primer is applied to the bare housing then sprayed with “cast” paint for a maintenance free finish. Other exterior components are taken to bare metal and sealed with a clear coat to replicate the way they left the factory. 

    Testimonial:  “I can’t be more delighted with the 12.7:1 quick ration conversion, blueprinting and power steering pump rebuild on our 1974 AMC Javelin AMX. When I turn the wheel, it has more effort and turns instantly that direction. Now, it responds just like a modern car with rack and pinion steering. Your conversion is simply amazing and is a must have for classic hot rods and muscle cars like mine. I thought I was going to have live with zero feedback and ultra slow response but not anymore. Fantastic job on the show detailing too and well worth the price (it gives us a little extra edge at the shows, just went to my first yesterday). Your personalized instructions allowed my buddy and I to R&R the gear box and power steering pump ourselves with great results. Thanks for the great product and top notch service. I highly recommend your conversion to anyone with an AMC Javelin, AMX or Javelin AMX”

    — S.C. – 1974 AMC JAVELIN AMX

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