Power Steering Gearbox, 12.7:1 Fast Ratio Conversion, 1964-88 Rambler, AMC (Except Jeep & Pacer) - Rebuild & Return Service Only


Add a new steering coupler
Add synthetic power steering fluid
Add a power steering pump (return & rebuild yours)
Add a new power steering high pressure hose
Add a new power steering return hose
Add a new forged pitman arm
Add a new forged idler arm
Add new forged outer tie rods
Add new forged inner tie rods
Add new tie rod adjusting sleeves

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American Performance can convert your power gearbox from the slow factory ratio (16:1 variable or 20:1 variable ratio) to a 12.7:1 FAST constant ratio.  You will notice a dramatic improvement in responsiveness without losing valuable turning radius.
  • Stock appearance AND makes driving even more fun
  • Immediately improves your steering response during cornering, changing lanes, or parking
  • Professional USA in-house conversion using USA sourced components, quality inspected, and tested prior to shipping.
  • Show Quality Detailing - Housing is stripped to bare metal, primed and painted in automotive "cast" replication paint. External aluminum and steel components are glass bead blasted and clear coated. Date coded is confirmed for the vehicle or re-stamped to match
  • Manufacturer Warranty:  Limited Lifetime
  • NOTE:  Requires your rebuildable steering gearbox.  Inspect your ball joints, idler arm, pitman arm, steering coupler (rag joint) for wear and replace as needed.  Components that are loose or have a lot of play (i.e., side to side or up and down) should be replaced.  Also, inspect your power steering hoses & power steering pump for leaks and replace if worn or leaking.  Please allow approximately 2-3-weeks for conversion plus shipping.  Not for Pacer, Jeep, or manual steering applications.


    • Your original steering gearbox is cleaned and inspected for external damage and physical function.
    • Then, it is disassembled, all components are detergent washed and inspected. 
    • Shafts are reconditioned and polished or replaced.
    • Housings are honed or sleeved as required.
    • All parts are solvent cleaned as a last step prior to assembly. 
    • The unit is reassembled with new OEM (original equipment manufacturer) seals, Teflon rings, O-rings, bearings and other parts as needed.
    • All settings and adjustments are set to factory specifications.
    • Final testing is performed for function, pressure and leaks.
    • The unit is taken down to bare metal and each external component are finished prior to assembly. Primer is applied to the bare housing then sprayed with “cast” paint for a maintenance-free finish. Other exterior components are taken to bare metal and sealed with a clear coat to replicate the way they left the factory. 

    INSTALLATION RECOMMENDATIONS: Re-align front-end after installation.  Inspect your ball joints, idler arm, pitman arm, steering coupler (rag joint) for wear and replace as needed.  Bleed your power steering system. 

    Our practice is to ship gearboxes on center. And as the heart of your steering system, its center position is important during installation. However, it's not difficult to tell if a gearbox is on center. The majority of steering gearbox brands have gaps in the pitman shaft splines that tell you if it's at center; the input shaft provides a clue too.

    Most pitman shafts are indexed with 4 large spline gaps. When the spline gaps line up with the axis of the steering box, its on center. If they aren't lined up, it's not on center.

    Furthermore, when at center the flat on the input shaft will be at top-dead-center. If there is a rag joint attached, the rag joint's pinch bolt will be at top-dead-center. See photos for examples. The input shaft alone doesn't tell you if you're at center, i.e. if its a 4 turn lock-to-lock gearbox it will be at top-dead-center in 4 places. 

    SHIPPING RECOMMENDATIONS: Gearbox Pitman Arms - You can remove it or leave it attached. If you leave it on, it will be removed and reattached in the same position at “no” charge

    Drain All Power Steering Fluid: Please note: leaking oil during shipment can result in delays.

    Gearboxes: Remove oil from the power gearbox by turning the input (small) shaft many times with a vice-grip. Cover the hose connections with a rag to avoid splatter.)

    Packaging / Shipping: 
    Bag your gearbox in a heavy plastic bag and seal it. Then, wrap completely in bubble wrap. Place inside a heavy-duty double wall cardboard box with tightly nestled packing material (please do NOT use peanuts for packing material). Then, place this box inside of a slightly larger cardboard box (we call this box in a box packaging). Ship your gearbox fully insured to the address we provide you after your purchase.  

    REBUILDABLE CORE NOTICE:  If a unit is not rebuildable due to damage or internal corrosion, we will notify you of your options:  
    • Return the unit to the customer
    • Customer can supply another core
    • Supply the customer with a rebuildable core or core component for an additional charge. 
      AMC, American Motors, Rambler
      Models Years
      Ambassador w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1967-1969
      American w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1964-1969
      AMX w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1968-1970
      Classic w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1961-1966
      Concord w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1978-1983
      Eagle w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1980-1988
      Gremlin w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1970-1978
      Hornet w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1970-1977
      Javelin w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1968-1974
      Javelin AMX w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1971-1974
      Marlin w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1965-1967
      Matador w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1971-1978
      Rebel w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1966-1970
      Spirit w/Saginaw Power Steering Only 1979-1983