Cylinder Heads, Fully Assembled Aluminum, Edelbrock Performer RPM, 1966-91 AMC, Jeep V8 (with or without exhaust crossover)


type: Engine
Vendor: Edelbrock



These Cylinder Heads are designed as a bolt-on performance upgrade for any 1967-91 AMX, Javelin or Jeep with a 343, 360, 390 or 401 AMC V8 engine. They include adjustable rocker studs and guide plates set-up for use with small-block Ford style adjustable 1.6:1 ratio rockers. The intake flange is dual-drilled to accommodate early and late model intake bolt patterns, covering 1967-91. Complete heads include larger than- stock valve springs to handle most high-lift cams. They feature stock location ports for compatibility with standard manifolds and headers. A direct bolt-on for 1970 and later engines with 1/2" head bolts, these heads include step-dowel pins for pre-1970 engines. Their dual-quench combustion chambers produce approximately 9.5:1 compression in 401 V8 engines. The 45° intake seat angle offers improved mid- to high-lift flow over the stock 30° angle. Performer cylinder head #60129 and #60139 have a machined heat crossover for 50-state emissions legal performance.

Installation Notes:  Match with Edelbrock head gasket sets. Bare heads will have valve guides and seats installed, but will require final sizing and a valve job to match the valves you will be using. Recommended spark plugs are Champion RC12YC or equivalent 14mm x 3/4" reach with flat gasket seat. Use Edelbrock Step Washer Kit #9693 on 1967-69 engines with 7/16" head bolts. Deck thickness: 5/8", rocker stud diameter: 3/8", pushrod diameter: 5/16" (width of slot in guide plate).

Installation Instructions:  

#60119 | #60139: Flow Numbers as tested by Edelbrock's SuperFlo SF-1020 flow bench @ 28" H2O
Valve Lift .100" .200" .300" .400" .500" .600" .700"
Intake 65 130 192 235 258 260 -
Exhaust 52 96 127 163 182 190 -



Combustion chamber volume: 54cc
Intake runner volume: 185cc
Exhaust runner volume: 70cc
Intake valve diameter: 2.02"
Exhaust valve diameter: 1.60"
Valve stem diameter: 11/32"
Valve guides: Manganese bronze
Deck thickness: 5/8"
Valve spring diameter: 1.55"
Valve spring maximum lift: .580"
Rocker stud: 3/8"
Guideplate: Hardended steel
Pushrod diameter: 5/16"
Valve angle: 18°
Exhaust port location: Stock
Spark plug fitment: 14mm x 3/4 reach, gasket seat
Quantity:  Sold individually
Country Of Origin:  Made In The USA
Warranty:  1-Year
1967-1991 AMC 290, 304, 343, 360, 390, and 401 V-8 engines