1963-1966 AMC Classic/Ambassador 2-Door Sedan Left/Right Hand Weatherstripping Door Seals



  • P/N: 200-M380
  • Exact replacement left & right weatherstripping door seals
  • Premium quality with precision fitment
  • Fits:  1963 AMC Classic 2-Door Sedan, 1964 AMC Classic 2-Door Sedan, 1965 AMC Classic 2-Door Sedan, 1966 AMC Classic 2-Door Sedan, 1964 AMC Rambler American 2-Door, 1964 AMC Rambler American 2-Door Convertible, 1966 AMC Rebel 2-Door
  • Sold:   Pair, install with 3M weatherstrip adhesive, triple product life with Krytox weatherstrip lubricant



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