1967-1979 AMC V8 Powermaster 140 AMP 1-Wire Alternator (3 Finishes)


type: Engine
Vendor: Powermaster


Give your AMC the charging power that won't dim your lights or lose battery charging while idling at stop lights.  Also, give your  AMC the extra power you need to run a modern stereo system, digital A/C, electronic gauges, and other electronic accessories.  Powermaster is proven and fits just like your original Motorola case.  You'll be able to get rid of the 3-wire hookup which will clean up your fenderwell too.  

  • Advertised Amperage Output: 140 amps
  • Voltage Compatibility: 12
  • Alternator Case Style: Motorola
  • One-Wire Capable: Yes
  • Pulley Included: Yes
  • Pulley Style: Serpentine
  • Regulator Included: Yes
  • Regulator Style: Internal
  • Belt Included: No
  • Alternator Brackets Included: No
  • Sold:  Individually.
  • Country Of Origin:  USA
  • Warranty:  1-year limited
  • Fits: 
    • 1967-1979 AMC 290, 304, 343, 360, 390, and 401 V8 engines
  • Installation Instructions:
  • How to choose your alternator:



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